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Rumi Teaches Blog Satyagraha (Nonviolence) Page featured books prayers of the mi'raaj
a blog exploring the deeper meanings of poetry, stories, and teachings by Jalaal ud-Diin Rumi resources on Satyagraha
(also known as Nonviolence)
recent and featured books a free e-book exploring
prayers of various prophets
Muhammad (saws)
encountered on the Night
Journey of the Mi'raaj.
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  essays and other writings poetry  
  essays on spirituality and topics relevant to people of
African descent
spiritual and mystical poetry  

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blue antelope productions is a creation of
 nashid fareed-ma'at, (formerly known as nashid fareed)
 an effort to combine my spiritual and artistic endeavors.
Please enjoy what this site beholds.
 May you be well and peaceful...

a little bit of laziness can destroy the fruits of great effort
and the abundance of grace bestowed to us...


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