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The blue antelope, also called the blue buck, was a species of antelope that roamed southern Africa until around 1800 A.D. Traditions hold that these small antelopes had blue skins, some say blue like the sky, when alive. Some of the local people regarded these antelopes as magical creatures with supernatural powers.

The blue antelope population appeared to be dwindling when Europeans arrived in the region in the 1700s; yet what was left of them was rendered to extinction by the mid-1800s. Europeans hunted them for their blue skins and killed off most of the remaining population. Ironically, when the blue antelopes were dead, their skins faded to a dark grey without any touch of blue. Thus, most of the corpses were discarded. As a result, there only remain four mounted (complete or nearly complete) remains of the blue antelope in European museums.

We embrace the name blue antelope productions to honor the memory of these mystical creatures who once roamed the earth but were killed off by blinded human pursuits...
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nashid fareed-ma’at is a Black artist dedicated to addressing issues of relevance to people of African descent as well as spiritual matters.


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