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black and blue

a novel by nashid fareed-ma'at

black and blue
an in-depth novel exploring issues
around police shootings of unarmed Blacks

* * Coming Mid-June 2018 * *
in paperback and e-book formats

from the back cover...

Who knew that alley would be the convergence point for so much looming over his life? And society at large? Another unarmed Black man killed by a White police officer. A community on the verge of exploding. The continuance of long-standing struggles such as poverty, unemployment, and drug addiction. The media and politicians glossing over the real issues for more sensational storylines. And as a Black cop, what does it mean to truly “serve and protect” in the midst of these? And what is truly justice? The tension of these tangled webs are exacerbated by the fact that his wife is a community organizer actively protesting against police brutality and the city’s history of injustice...

These become the canvas of Detective Givens’ investigation into why Martin Little was shot in that alley. A case that quickly delves beyond what led to the shots being fired, and literally forces Givens to reflect on the course of his own life.

Sample from book coming soon.


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