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This page presents new and featured books.  For a larger selection of poetry books, please visit the poetry page.


black and blue

An in-depth novel exploring issues around police shootings of unarmed Blacks.

* * Coming Mid-June 2018 * *

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Rumi Teaches Blog Posts: 2016

Rumi Teaches Blog Posts 2016
This is a collection of Rumi Teaches blog posts for 2016.

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For more recent and older blogs, visit the Rumi Teaches Blog Page.

i lost the key to the gateless gate
A tribute to zen koans and poetry.

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prayers of the mi'raaj (ascension) prayers of the mi'raaj (ascension)
This book explores prayers of various prophets Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) encountered on the Night Journey of the Mi'raaj (the Ascension through the seven heavens). 

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A Continuing Experiment in Love

A Continuing Experiment in Love
Focusing on the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this booklet presents a basic overview of the approach of Satyagraha, also known as Nonviolence.

To download this book for free (there are two versions) or for more information, visit the Satyagraha Page.


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