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This page presents essays and other writings (i.e. articles) that explore spiritual matters and topics of importance to people of African descent.  The essence of genuine spirituality involves breaking free from bondage in this world.  And for me, as Black man living in America, spirituality informs the fight against oppression and injustice so we may realize what freedom truly is.

Our aim is to post essays on a regular basis (at least one new work quarterly).  Also feel free to visit the poetry page and the Rumi Teaches Blog page for other writings.

All essays are in a pdf format and can be downloaded for free.

But I Meditate Everyday...: Exploring a Larger Context for a Spiritual Transformation and Realization
February 2018

This essay explores what constitutes a wholistic spiritual practice. Using the Eight Limbs presented in Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras, this essays examines why meditation alone is not sufficient to realizing spiritual transformation and realization. The other components of a traditional-based spiritual practice intended to accompany meditation are shared.


The Health Care Pay Day: For Who?
July 2009

This essay explores the corporate health industry imprint on the 2009 health reform care debate.  While many have focused on the political and ideological battles, few are looking at how corporate money is steering the direction of the reform, sometimes veiled beyond populist jargon.  If the impact of campaign contributions and lobbying is not faced, an opportunity to address America's health care problems will be greatly compromised.  The essay also compares the health care reform to another recent major reform: welfare reform of the 1990s.  Although presented as successful, a closer examination shows welfare reform failed in major ways despite the proclamation of quantitative trophies of success -- a warning for health care reform.

Introduction to Meditation
July 2009

This essay is a brief introduction to the practice of mediation, focusing on breath meditation.  It addresses some socialized barriers and stereotypes about meditation, that these may not hinder those developing a practice of meditation.  The essay also provides some tips and a guide to embrace a practice of breath meditation.

We Won the Super Bowl, I Mean, the Presidency: The Continued Spectatorship of Blacks in America
December 2008

This essay explores the dynamic of (passive) spectatorship as played out in the 2008 presidential campaign of Barack Obama.  The essay examines the danger of becoming fans instead of citizens, and the significant differences between these roles that allow people to be shaped by forces in society instead of being shaping forces in society.

Beginning Steps To Traditional Africa
August 2008

This essay is written for those serious about embracing a Traditional African way of life.  It is not a how-to essay as much as it is a be-aware-of essay.  It examines factors involved in: moving to an action-oriented culture; moving beyond barriers conditioned into to us by European culture; Traditional African practices of community, society, and civilization; and, addressing some commonly proclaimed misconceptions about Traditional Africa.  This is a companion essay to the Culture and Racism / White Supremacy essay -- it is suggested you read that essay before reading this one.

Culture and Racism / White Supremacy
August 2008

This essay explores racism and White Supremacy as matters of culture, going beyond analyses that limit these realities to political, social, legal, economic, systemic, etc. issues.  The essay illustrates that racism and White supremacy will not end until we move beyond or drastically transform European culture.  This is a companion essay to the Beginning Steps To Traditional Africa essay.

Hip Hop Directions
August 2007

This essay explores "new" directions to bring Hip Hop music into the fold of traditional African music.  It also explores barriers to such an approach, many which have been glorified in the so-called Golden Age of Hip Hop music (late 1980 to early 1990s).  The essay is a call to Hip Hop music creators and listeners to reflect on the brief history and current state of the music.

Essay on Ma'at
April 2007

This essay looks beyond popular and scholarly notions of Ma'at, in search of an understanding of Ma'at more reflective of Kemet's (ancient Egypt's) own understanding of it.  Going beyond a historical or religous exploration of Ma'at, this essay looks to bring the reality of living Ma'at to an everyday way of life.


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