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A Context for Organizing:
Reflections on Gandhi's Approach to
Satyagraha (Non-violence)



When I reflect on the range of social issues plaguing communities throughout the world, I am often drawn to think of Gandhi. There are few people within the past century who have left a legacy as powerful as Satyagraha (Non-violence): a way of life that is capable of beneficently addressing a vast range, if not all, of the world’s problems. This statement may seem overreaching to some, but a comprehensive study of Satyagraha may convince you otherwise. And that is exactly what is lacking: works that comprehensively examine Satyagraha as Gandhi lived it and applied it to his work in India.

A Context for Organizing: Reflections on Gandhi's Approach to Satyagraha (Non-violence) strives to fulfill this aim.  It is a comprehensive book that presents Satyagraha in a holistic manner as developed and applied by Gandhi. It focuses on presenting Gandhi’s teachings in the way he presented them, not shaped by revisionist writing or seeking to extrapolate portions of Gandhi’s approach to another political / philosophical orientation. The book also presents the Satyagraha way in a manner accessible to all, since Gandhi strongly believed all who are willing are capable of living Satyagraha.

For those who would like more information about the overview of the book, I encourage you to read the book's introduction.  In the spirit of Gandhi, I share this book for free.  I do warn, it is a comprehensive book, and the scope of it contributes to its length; as well as the abundance of writing Gandhi left for us.  But I encourage readers to take the book chapter by chapter, page by page, that we may embrace our pursuits of Truth moment by moment.

Feel free to share this book others. You can also email comments to me at: < >.  But please consult me before posting this book on any other websites.


Photo of Gandhi
A Context for Organizing: Reflections on Gandhi's Approach to Satyagraha (Non-violence)
Volume 1a

(in a pdf format)

**NOTE: The book is 324 pages.  For those concerned with saving paper, consider printing multiple pages per sheet of paper: this can be done in the Adobe Reader Print Options.  Printing two pages per 8 1/2" x 11" paper prints slightly smaller than typical  paperback book printing. 


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