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Rumi Teaches Blog Photo of Gandhi Poetry Logo prayers of the mi'raaj (ascension) 
Rumi Teaches Blog The Gandhi Project poetry prayers of the mi'raaj
a blog exploring the deeper meanings of poetry, stories, and teachings by Jalaal ud-Diin Rumi a free e-book
reflecting on Gandhi's
approach to Satyagraha
spiritual and life / consciousness poetry a free e-book exploring
prayers of various prophets
Muhammad (saws)
encountered on the Night
Journey of the Mi'raaj.
Essays Logo Music Logo Motion Picture Logo Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
essays and other writings music motion pictures Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Page
essays on topics relevant to
people of African descent
composition and production
of spiritual instrumental
and conscious hip hop music
film and video production
video editing
a free e-book exploring the fundamentals of King's approach to Nonviolence

blue antelope productions is a creation of
 nashid fareed-ma'at, (formerly known as nashid fareed)
 an effort to combine my spiritual and artistic endeavors.
Please enjoy what this site beholds.
 May you be well and peaceful...

and when the sunlight
shines upon the shadows
they disappear effortlessly
so smile and abide in the light...


A Continuing Experiment in Love

exploring the fundamentals of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s approach to Nonviolence

To read or download this free booklet,
check out the King page.


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