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Films that are entertaining as well as enlightening.
Films that address social and political issues in creative and engaging ways.
Films that honor the stories and histories of people, including those ignored by the mainstream.
Films that don't compromise the artistic aspect of filmmaking for commercial "success..."


I am committed to making good films that address social issues in creative and entertaining ways.  Coming from a background of theatre, I place great emphasis on story telling and dramatic structure.  These apply to narrative as well as documentary formats, as a quality and well told story can be essential to making a good film.


Motion Picture Samples

Click on the below images to view the motion picture samples.  The samples are in a web video file format
and can be viewed with QuickTime Player or other similar programs.
Click here to download a free copy of QuickTime Player.

All films are copyright protected.  Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.

Homeland Resistance Logo My Great Granma Logo Visual Aspirations Logo
excerpt from Homeland Resistance
 (documentary montage)

I edited this short documentary.
excerpt from my great granma

I directed, edited, and produced
this full-length documentary
excerpt from visual aspirations

I wrote, directed, edited, and
produced this short narrative.

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