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Satyagraha (Non-Violence) Resources


This page offers free resources on Satyagraha, also called Nonviolence.  Satyagraha is more than an approach to community organizing and social protest; rather as an expansive way of life of which community organizing and social protest are but a part of.


Photo of Gandhi
A Context for Organizing: Reflections on Gandhi's Approach to Satyagraha (Non-violence)
Volume 1a

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A Context for Organizing: Reflections on Gandhi's Approach to Satyagraha (Non-violence)
strives to fulfill this aim. It is a comprehensive book that presents Satyagraha in a holistic manner as developed and applied by Gandhi. It focuses on presenting Gandhi’s teachings in the way he presented them, not shaped by revisionist writing or seeking to extrapolate portions of Gandhi’s approach to another political / philosophical orientation. The book also presents the Satyagraha way in a manner accessible to all, since Gandhi strongly believed all who are willing are capable of living Satyagraha.

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A Continuing Experiment in Love - Paper Format

An Experiment in Love
, an article by Martin Luther King, Jr., was published in 1985. It is an excerpt from his book Stride Toward Freedom: The Montgomery Story. The book reflects on the famous bus boycott in Montgomery, Alabama, which began in December 1955. In the article, he presents a basic overview of the approach of Nonviolence in the space of a few pages. I encourage readers to review this article in whole. This booklet, titled A Continuing Experiment in Love, uses King’s article as an outline, offering commentary and explanation to suit the particulars of today -- with an explicit emphasis on applying (living) the components of this approach. To this, I augment additional references from the teachings of Gandhi.

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A Continuing Experiment in Love - Paper Format

Letter Size Format

Paper Size: 8.5" x 11''
45 Pages

A Continuing Experiment in Love - eBook Format

eBook Format

Paper Size: 6.5" x 5.2"
93 Pages

You can print 2 pages per sheet of paper
and it prints like a booklet at a readable size


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